Streamlined interim electronic CASE form

Streamlined form introduced to deal with current coronavirus and COVID-19 situation

UNISON has produced an interim electronic CASE form for use by branches. The form is one of the most important documents in the union, designed to be completed by – or for – members if they require help  from the union in dealing with a workplace problem.

But the current situation with coronavirus and COVID-19  means members cannot necessarily have face-to-face contact with reps, access branch offices or post the forms in. Similarly members may not be able to physically sign the form.

So the interim electronic document is  a Word document where the fields can be completed electronically.

CASE forms contain a large amount of personal and sensitive information. This poses substantial challenges relating to how this information can be securely passed between relevant parts of the union.

This electronic form is greatly reduced and simplified, compared to the previous paper one, mitigate any risks in the short term until a fully online version is available.

Branches should note that this is now  the ONLY form which must be used, with immediate effect.

Branches and reps should also make sure that members understand and consent to UNISON representation by completing the relevant tick boxes at the end of the electronic form, which have replaced the signature fields. We anticipate that this form may mean that reps have to clarify some additional pieces of information by correspondence.

Union staff are working on a fully online solution which should hopefully meet branches’ and members’ requirements better in the longer term.

Download the new CASE form