Branch resources review underway

Providing all branches with effective support and resources is UNISON’s ‘key priority’

A lay member-led review of resources available to help UNISON branches is underway.

A working group of 24 members – 12 from regions and 12 from the NEC, has met twice to date and is examining branch organising, regions, national functions, the specifics of the union’s funding formula and the rules around branch funding.

Josie Bird from the NEC and Lilian Macer from UNISON Scotland were elected, respectively, chair and vice chair of the working group.

The review remit has been taken from motion 126 on branch resources adopted by the 2019 national delegate conference. It will look at what helps branches thrive and meet UNISON objectives. The final report from the review will be ready in 2021 for conference delegates to consider.

Motion 126 also made interim changes to the branch funding formula, which will be implemented by the NEC from January 2020.

Josie Bird said: “We are off to a good start. We all realise that branches come in all shapes and sizes and that providing them with effective support and resources, both financial and non-financial, is the key priority of the union.

“Times are tough, but we cannot stand still. We need a branch resources framework that helps all our members to access support when needed, but also to participate in the union, to help build our strength, bargain and grow.”