Police staff agree two-year pay deal in Scotland

Police Scotland members say ‘yes’ to 3.25% pay rise this year and 3% next year

Police staff members in Scotland have voted ‘yes’ to a two-year pay deal, which includes a 3.25% rise for 2019-20, backdated to 1 April, for most staff. Next April, wages will rise by 3%.

In both years, Police Scotland staff who earn more than £80,000 a year will see a flat-rate increase of £1,600.

Both years will also see a matching percentage increase on enhanced shift rates.

The deal runs to the end of March 2021 and was agreed by members in an online ballot that saw a 96.7% vote in favour on a 67.7% turnout by affected UNISON members.

UNISON police staff Scotland branch secretary Michelle Brewster pointed out that the lowest rate on the Scottish Police Authority pay scale will be £19,221 a year for a full-time job.

This is comfortably above the 2019-20 Scottish living wage rate of £17,385 a year.