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In pictures: UNISON backing the school climate strike

On Friday 20 September, thousands of children and adults walked out of their schools and workplaces across the UK to join the global climate strike.

UNISON regional offices and branches across the country helped mobilise members and co-ordinate local demonstrations – here’s a flavour of the day’s activities.

UNISON Scottish joint council reps took time out of their meetings to show solidarity with all the school climate strikers.

UNISON Scotland members joined the northern-most climate strike in Shetland, a rural area where the impacts of climate change are felt the most.

UNISON Edinburgh joined 15,000 strikers in the city centre.









UNISON Doncaster and UNISON Yorkshire and Humberside mobilised people to join the local climate strike and ran a stall that gave advice on how to be more environmentally friendly at work, or how to become a UNISON green rep.









UNISON Manchester brought out several banners to join the thousands of protestors in the city centre.

UNISON Liverpool and Hope universities branch joined the strike in Liverpool, and North West regional convenor Paula Barker delivered a speech to the crowds.

UNISON South East paused their regional strategy weekend in Reading so organisers could join the climate march.

As many of us know, one day of action is not enough to solve the climate crisis. That’s why UNISON is encouraging members to “go green” at work all year round. Share your ideas here to inspire others.