New term, new uniforms – thanks to UNISON

UNISON’s charity There for You has once again helped send hundreds of children back to school in new uniforms – and is encouraging parents to pledge to make the most of the old uniforms

School uniform should be the least of a parent’s worries. That’s why UNISON’s very own charity, There for You, gives school uniform grants to members who need a helping hand in getting their kids kitted out for the new term.

In 2019, There for You gave out £34,500 worth of school uniform grants to members, meaning over 700 kids went back to school last week in fresh uniforms.

UNISON member Stephanie* wrote: “Thank you for supporting me with their uniform costs and enabling me to send them off looking so smart. I’m a very, very proud single mum today.”

Here are some of the first-day-of-term shots that members have sent in.


Head of There for you Julie Grant said: “UNISON’s programme has become vitally important for members on low incomes, and can make all the difference to a child returning to school properly equipped for the year ahead.”

Through the school uniform grant, UNISON members earning £18,000 or less can receive £40 per school-age child, for up to three children.

“As school holidays come to an end, we know that many parents find themselves worrying about how they’re going to kit their children out for the new term,” said Julie. “And then there’s the added cost of shoes and paying for items such as books, stationery, extra- curricular lessons etc.”

“Unfortunately, many local authorities no longer offer financial support for uniform costs, and families need as much help as they can get.

“Not every family is a member of a union, so if you’re a parent and your child has outgrown their uniform, we would encourage you to take our ‘pass it on’ pledge”.

The pass it on pledge is a commitment to make the most of your child’s old school uniform. Members with school-age children are encouraged to support both the environment and families in your area.

*Name has been changed to protect identity.