School staff win living wage

Lowest paid support staff receive at least £9 an hour in Cheshire West from the start of this month

UNISON campaigning for a living wage graphic

School caterers and cleaners in Cheshire West are being paid at least £9 an hour after UNISON successfully negotiate a pay rise meaning the lowest paid staff receive the living wage from the beginning of this month.

The deal has been struck with Edsential – a community interest company owned by Cheshire West and Wirral councils, which provides support services across the education sector in the two council areas.

Company staff in the Wirral were already receiving at least £9 an hour due to top-up payments.

But it is not just the lowest paid workers who will receive a pay rise under the deal negotiated by UNSION.

School support staff across grades one to five will receive a pay rise ranging from 2%-7.4% with an average pay rise of just under 5%.

“West Cheshire UNISON are delighted that Edsential have agreed the pay rise and the positive result is testament to the hard work of our branch in negotiating this agreement,” said branch secretary Teresa Connally.

“We have applied pressure over the years to ensure that all staff were paid the living wage and now that persistence has been rewarded. We endeavour to do our upmost for all members.”

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