Social workers in England – speak up now

Have your say on changes to social work registration

Later this year, Social Work England (SWE) takes over from the Health and Care Professions Council as the regulator for social workers in England.

SWE is consulting on how it will operate – what its professional standards for social workers should be, its rules on registration and fitness to practice, and its standards and rules for social worker education and training.

All of this is important for our members’ careers, so we’re asking all UNISON social worker members in local government, health and community service groups to give us their feedback on the proposals. This will shape UNISON’s response to SWE.

If you’re a social worker in England, make sure you complete our survey by 12 April. It takes only 15 minutes and is anonymous.

Take the survey.

The survey picks out key issues from SWE’s proposals that we think our members will want to have a say on. But there is also a chance at the end of the survey to give more detailed responses on other issues raised by SWE.

We will share the UNISON consultation response with members.

And you can view SWE’s consultation here.