Update on FE pay in Wales

Thanks to lobbying by the Joint Trade Unions in Wales, the Welsh Government has provided additional funding to the Further Education sector in Wales.

Last week, Colegau Cymru (CC) subsequently made an improved offer on pay to the Joint Trade Unions as follows:

  • All teaching grades up to and including Main Grade 6 lecturers – a rise of 3.5%
  • Upper spine (UP 1 – 3) – a rise of 2%
  • All staff on Management contract (excluding senior post holders) –  a rise of 1.5%
  • Business support – (salaries below £19,500) – a rise of 4.5%
  • Business support – (salaries above £19,501) – a rise of 2%

The Cymru/Wales Further Education Forum which is made up of UNISON branch officers and activists from colleges across Wales have met.

The Forum agreed that this improved offer is divisive and sends a clear message that colleges value lecturing staff above some business support staff.

The Forum agreed that further clarification is needed on how this offer will affect UNISON members. The Forum also wishes to clarify the costs of the offer, the future impact of the offer, and also how the Foundation Living Wage affects the offer.

When this clarification has been received, UNISON will consult with members, in the new year, on this improved offer.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please speak with your local UNISON Branch.