Never too big to care

UNISON is proud to be unique among unions in having a dedicated charity, There for You, which supports our members when life gets tough

Grovember is just around the corner and with the resounding message that retention is just as important as recruitment for growing this great union, we’re thinking about the huge range of benefits the union offers.

UNISON is proud to be unique among unions in having a dedicated charity, There for You, which supports our members when life gets tough. But in order to receive that support, members have to know about it!

So with impeccable timing, There for You is pleased to launch a brand new range of online materials to help all of us to better identify and guide members in difficult circumstances, and attract new members with the reassuring presence of a confidential advice and support service just for them.

These colourful guides have been newly written and freshly designed in a warm, welcoming way to make it easier to get practical help.

Some are aimed at members and some are for activists. Everything is available to download now from the There for You pages on the UNISON website and the online catalogue.

Check out and download material at the There for You web pages.

Or download PDFs from the online catalogue.

There is a full range of promotional items for all occasions
  • A handy booklet which outlines the services offered by There for You and includes advice on how to get help from the charity. (stock no 1754).
  • An A–Z of fundraising ideas (stock no 4012).
  • A guide on family breaks – information about the help available to families on low incomes in need of a break (stock no 4009).
  • A guide to the help available with fuel costs (stock no 4011).
  • A guide to food and fuel banks – how they work and how UNISON branches can register with them to support members in need of emergency assistance (stock no 4010).
  • A guide to arranging and paying for a meaningful funeral (stock no 4032).
  • Raffle guidelines – hints and tips for holding a raffle to raise funds for There for You, and making sure you stick to the rules (stock no 4013).
  • A directory of useful contacts (stock no 4029).
  • Powerpoint slides for branch welfare officers (stock no 4031).
  • Speaker’s notes to accompany the presentation (stock no 4030).

Keep your eyes peeled for more downloadable materials to come, including a poster to advertise the charity to members and potential members, and a new guide on budgeting.

All this bang-up-to-date guidance also offers the perfect opportunity to encourage members to take the next step in their activist journey by taking part in the branch welfare officer training.

With such a bedrock of support to draw on, hesitant members with a friendly ear and a willingness to help others can’t fail to be convinced.

See the There for You page for info about the training.

Yes, we want to grow the union and be even bigger, better and bolder in fighting for our members’ rights at work. But we will never be too big to care about the other parts of their lives too.

Ill health, loss of income, relationship difficulties, stress and bereavement could affect any of us, and they’re impossible to leave at the door to the workplace.

Let’s make sure members old and new hear the message loud and clear: UNISON is There for You.