Application forms

Order your stocks of the new application forms now – and recycle those old ones lying about the office

Always in the lead, UNISON has been busy updating resources following last month’s changes to the law on data protection and the earlier changes on the collection of political and campaign funds.

This includes updates to all UNISON membership application forms.

The previous standard application form has been split into two forms to ensure they are compliant with the new legislation : one to collect subs through members’ wages, known as Docas,  and the other via direct debit.

The Docas forms also include a direct debit section for collection of campaign fund and Labour Link contributions only.

The following forms are in stock and available to order from the ‘application forms’ section of the online catalogue:

  • Docas only (stock number 3873)
  • Docas only bilingual Welsh & English (stock number 3881)
  • Docas only with space for branch details (stock number 3884)


  • Direct debit only (stock number 3866)
  • Direct debit with space for branch details (stock number 3867)
  • Direct debit bilingual Welsh & English (stock number 3868)


  • Northern Ireland (stock number 3869)
  • Students (stock number 3870)
  • Apprentices (England and Scotland) (stock number 3871)
  • Retired members (stock number 3872)
  • Apprentices Wales bilingual Welsh & English (stock number 3883) (this form will be available at the end of June).


If you hold any stock of the old application forms, please put them in the recycling straightaway as they are no longer compliant – and the fines UNISON can incur are huge!

Any queries can be emailed to