Women’s conference kicks off with a vote to boost organising

Women’s conference votes to take measures to ensure more low paid women can participate in the union

The biggest ever UNISON women’s conference, with more than 540 delegates, set out an organising agenda in Liverpool this afternoon to make sure  that more low-paid women can play their part in the union.

Caroline Collinson, from Newcastle City branch, moved the first motion of conference, calling for organising among low-paid women to be a priority.

“It is vitally important that, within our branches, we map and identify our low-paid women workers so we can reach them,” she said.

“Low pay is a real and ongoing issue for women, as is the difference in pay between men and women which is still a big problem.”

Other speakers supported the motion and mentioned the difficulty part-time working women face in becoming more involved in their branch.

Conference agreed to:

  • encourage branches to map low-paid women members;
  • produce material specifically targeted at low-paid women that encourages them to become active within the union;
  • encourage regions and branches to use the Getting the balance right toolkit to make sure the union’s principle of proportionality is met.