Are you receiving universal credit? Have your say

Are you currently receiving Universal Credit? If so we’d like your help

New national minimum wage rates come into force in April, taking the hourly rate to £7.83, a rise of  £1.33 from the £6.50 an hour it was in October 2016.

However, people receiving universal credit will see much of that rise end up back in the hands of the Treasury rather than in their pockets.

To show how much of the money that ministers claim is helping workers on low pay is actually ending up back in the hands of the government, UNISON is looking for people who are on the national minimum wage and who also get universal credit.

Do you receive universal credit, and earn the national minimum wage. If so, would you be willing to talk to UNISON for a report we are publishing?

We really want to find some real life stories so even if you don’t want to be named, please do leave your contact details.

We will only use any information you provide above to contact you about this campaign and will subsequently delete it.

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