Feel undervalued? Tell us more

Are you support staff in public services? If so, we’d like to know your views

Support staff throughout public services are losing their jobs, having their pay cut and being made to feel undervalued, all in the name of ‘efficiency’.

Whether its teaching assistants, cleaners, caterers, technicians, secretaries, or any other type of support staff, they are all vital to keeping our public services running, which is why UNISON is running a survey to find out more about their experiences.

Take the survey now

As part of UNISON’s Public Services Champions campaign we are highlighting the vital role that support staff play. We want to promote the importance of team working and show that public services not only depend on support staff, but that these workers are becoming more professionalised.

We want to explain to employers, decision-makers, opinion- formers, politicians, the media and the general public that support staff are undervalued, underpaid and often demoralised.

There’s very little research on support staff. So, we are teaming up with independent researchers at the Smith Institute to do our own.

The members’ survey is part of that research. If you consider yourself as support staff please complete our survey.

It’s completely confidential, will take less than 10 minutes and gives you a chance to have your say. To campaign effectively and strengthen our arguments we need evidence based on your experience. This survey helps us do that.