Sheffield signs up to the Ethical Care Charter

Yorkshire council becomes the largest local authority to sign UNISON’s charter

Graphic from the cover of the ethical care charter document

Sheffield council has become the largest local authority to sign up to UNISON’s Ethical Care Charter when council leaders joined general secretary Dave Prentis to formally sign the charter yesterday.

This means that the council has committed itself to working with the city’s care providers to help them replace zero-hours contracts with guaranteed hours and to reflect travel time between home care visits in care workers’ pay.

The council has also pledged to work with care providers to help them move further towards paying the living wage (currently £8.45 an hour) to all of their employees.

The Ethical Care Charter also calls for councils to move away from 15-minute care visits and to help ensure that those needing care see the same carers regularly, benefitting both carers and cared for.

“Ensuring fair employment conditions for care workers is essential if they are to improve the quality of life of the people they look after,” said Mr Prentis.

“UNISON’s Ethical Care Charter highlights the key role that care workers play in society, by fighting to secure the pay and working conditions they deserve.”

Read UNISON’s Ethical Care Charter

Sheffield council leader Julie Dore noted: “We are absolutely committed that people in Sheffield should receive the high-quality homecare we would all want for ourselves and for our loved ones.

“Such care needs dedicated work from care workers and they need to be rewarded fairly. By signing up for this charter, we are ensuring the recruitment and retention of a more stable workforce through better pay, conditions and training levels, which will lead to improved support for those in care.

“We are the largest local authority in the county to sign this charter to date, which we’re very proud of.”

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