Consultation on political fund changes following the Trade Union Act

Second round consultation setting out the principles and propositions

UNISON speaking up for public services placards tied to railing

The Trade Union Act has significant implications for UNISON’s political fund.

By making it more difficult for unions with political funds to collect contributions from members, it hopes to silence the campaigning voice of unions and damage the ability of Labour to fight election campaign.

That’s why UNISON is determined to put in place a new settlement for the political fund that will minimise the impact of the Act on the union.This second round consultation sets out the principles and propositions that will underpin rule changes necessary to put this settlement in place.

These reflect responses received from across the union to the first round consultation last year, consideration of evidence from a series of trials and focus groups held during 2017, and evaluation of the options measured against our objectives of preserving the historic link with the Labour party, maintaining campaign capacity and protecting the union’s income.

Regions, branches, self-organised groups, regional Labour Link Committees, young members and retired members are invited to comment on the principles and propositions included in the document as well as provide responses to the outstanding questions. We hope that as many as possible will be able to respond.

Download the consultation document: Defending UNISON’s voice – the Trade Union Act and the political fund

Responses to the consultation are required by 12 January 2018 and should be sent to