A statue for the socialist suffragette

Time to recognise Sylvia Pankhurst

There is a memorial in Westminster to the brave women who fought for women’s suffrage – but one of the most influential activists doesn’t feature on it.

Sylvia Pankhurst was the socialist one of the family – she was involved with the trade union movement and she was determined to improve the conditions for the working class. For these reasons, as well as her belief that the fight for women’s votes should continue despite the beginning of the first world war, she was kicked out of the Women’s Social and Political Union.

This is why the bronze statue near Westminster misses out the indomitable Sylvia. But now a group of campaigners – including UNISON’s former general secretary Rodney Bickerstaff – are working to rectify that by having a statue in honour of Sylvia erected.

The campaigners have permission to build on Clerkenwell Green, a place long-associated with progressive causes, but they need to raise the necessary funds.

UNISON’s General Political Fund is supporting the statue for the socialist suffragette, and if your branch would like to donate to the campaign they can do so on their justgiving page.