One Team week of action to celebrate the NHS’s unsung workers

Without support staff ‘our NHS simply wouldn’t work’, says UNISON

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UNISON will be celebrating the valuable work of NHS support staff during its One Team week of action next month.

The union’s health branches are being encouraged to hold events during the week of 5-9 June.

With the theme of ‘Ask me about my job’, the week aims to raise the profile of vital members of the NHS team, who are so often overlooked by patients, politicians and the public.

“Without porters, cleaners, IT staff and medical secretaries, to name a few, our NHS simply wouldn’t work,” said UNISON head of health Christina McAnea.

“Despite this, NHS support staff don’t always get the recognition that they deserve.

“That’s why, as part of our One Team campaign, we’ll be aiming to raise the profile of these essential staff, by encouraging members to talk to patients, the public and their colleagues about how their jobs are so vital to patient care”.

The initiative follows last year’s successful One Team week of action. The union is again urging all health branches to get involved.

More information will be available shortly on the One Team campaign page.

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