All English schools face real cuts to funding

Latest Education Policy Institute report confirms unions’ warning over effects of new National Funding Formula

A 'school' road sign against a wall

All schools in England face real cuts in the funds they will receive per pupil after the introduction of a new national funding formula, according to a report.

The implications of the National Funding Formula for schools report, which is published by the Education Policy institute today, says that the cuts will be between 6% and 11% per pupil for half of all primary and secondary schools by 2019-20.

This mirrors the findings of a joint school unions campaign, launched in January, that found that nearly every school will face real-terms cuts after increases in inflation and additional costs are taken into account – averaging £403 a year for each primary school pupil and £554 for each secondary pupil.

The government’s consultation on the new funding formula closes on Wednesday, 22 March, but there has been anger at the changes across England, with Conservative MPs among those calling for changes.

Trade unions warn that, without more money being put in, any new changes to benefit some schools will mean others losing out even more.

That is why UNISON has joined other school unions in England to campaign for more funding across the board.

“If we don’t get it, then jobs will be lost, and the most likely to go will be school support staff,” says UNISON head of education Jon Richards.

“It’s support staff who are first in line when schools make cuts and we are already seeing job losses – particularly among school office staff.

“But without these unsung heroes, shools can’t run smoothly. They are the ones who ring parents when their children don’t turn up for school, sort out police checks and help struggling pupils.

“They play a vital role in keeping children safe, they shouldn’t be seen as surplus to requirements when money is tight.”

UNISON has produced a new leaflet, Help protect your school from cuts, stock no 3733, as part of the campaign against school cuts.

It can be used within schools and the wider community – and not just by union branches with members working in schools: our children’s education is an issue, which affects everyone wherever they work.


Branches and regions: order the leaflet from our online catalogue or by emailing quoting the stock number above.

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You can also use the form on our dedicated campaign pages to email your MP about the impact the loss of so much money will have on your local schools and children’s education.

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