Let’s talk about racism

TUC asks Black workers and others to share any experiences of workplace racism, using an online survey which runs to 27 February

TUC graphic with faces of Black people and slogan 'let's talk about racism at work'

Have you experienced racism at work? It is one of the priorities of UNISON, and other unions, to protect members from discrimination and everyday racism – but still too many Black workers have been the target of workplace racism.

So the TUC, which brings together the country’s trade unions, is running an online survey to find out the scale of the everyday reality in the workplace, following the increase in racist and xenophobic attacks which the UK has seen since the EU referendum.

It will be available for people to share their experiences until 27 February.

“This is the first time that the TUC has carried out a survey of this kind,” says TUC race equality officer Wilf Sullivan.

“We want to get a large response from workers who have experienced or witnessed racism in the workplace.”

He says the survey will help highlight the experiences which still see many Black workers “stuck in insecure low-paid, low-status jobs.

“Workers don’t have to be in a union to complete this short survey,” adds Mr Sullivan. “The information provided will be treated in confidence and the survey can be completed anonymously.”


Fill in the survey before 27 February