‘It’s impossible? No it’s not!’

Dawn Butler MP addresses Black members’ conference and encourages delegates to put themselves forward as leaders

“It’s impossible?” No it’s not – “I am possible!”

That was the message from Labour MP Dawn Butler to UNISON Black members’ committee in Brighton this morning.


Using the story of her own struggles to achieve, and calling on volunteers from the floor to illustrate that it does not take much to change ‘impossible’ to ‘I am possible’, she stressed the need for delegates to become increasingly active.

They should not believe those who tell them it’s “impossible”, but to become leaders in their union, their political party, their churches, their homes.

Instead of making a lengthy speech, Ms Butler also held a Q&A, giving delegates the opportunity to ask about a variety of issues, from encouraging others to get involved in councils, to getting help for public speaking.

But her ultimate message was simple: “Sometimes, you don’t know the power of your own strength.

“We can do it together – that’s how I am where I am today”.

And she concluded with inspirational words from Maya Angelou, telling them: “I rise, we rise!”