Nottinghamshire County Council signs up to Ethical Care Charter

Council becomes the latest to commit itself to UNISON’s standards for homecare, carers and those needing care

Nottinghamshire County Council has become the latest signatories to UNISON’s Ethical Care Charter – just a few months after Nottingham City also joined the scheme.

General secretary Dave Prentis welcomed the news, saying: “It’s great to have Nottinghamshire County Council on board as the latest signatory of our Ethical Care Charter.

“A growing number of local authorities realise that decent pay, training and working standards for care workers means better care for those who need it – and that can only be a good thing.”

UNISON launched the Ethical Care Charter in 2012. It provides a set of standards that we want councils to stick to when they commission homecare services.

The charter calls for service users to be given the time to talk with their homecare workers and receive the same worker wherever possible.

It calls for homecare workers to be treated with dignity and allowed to do their jobs better, to be paid at least a living wage – including travel time – and to receive regular quality training.

To find out more, download our PDF report explaining the Ethical Care Charter.