Work in the NHS and have something to say on STPs?

Radio 4 is looking for health workers to phone in and talk about “sustainability and transformation plans” for the NHS in England

Do you work for the NHS in England and can you speak about the new NHS s sustainability and transformation plans, or STPs?

The BBC’s Moneybox Live programme on Radio 4 is devoting a half-hour on Wednesday  afternoon to a discussion about the plans, which are meant to shape health provision within 44 different areas across England over the next few years.

They would like anyone who works for the NHS to get involved and either call into the programme – it’s on air from 3pm – or email or Tweet the producers with their thoughts in advance.

Although planning for anything is almost always a good idea, UNISON has real concerns that – in the absence of any new resources for the NHS – the STP exercise won’t be able to deliver its aims, including better co-ordination across the various part of the health service, and may be used as a cover for cuts.

Not all the 44 plans have yet been published, so you might not yet know what yours says.

But a quick analysis of those that UNISON has seen suggests common experiences of ageing populations, rising emergency admissions, health inequalities and staff shortages.

Most of the plans say they want to achieve better prevention, improved working between the NHS and social care, reduced emergency emissions and more care delivered in community settings.

Some of the ways of achieving this include boosting community capacity, merging services, reducing the number of beds at some hospitals and even closing some sites.

So what does this all add up to? Good planning for the changing needs of England’s 21st century population? Or wishful thinking that is really about doing more with substantially less cash?

Clearly NHS employees’ role is going to be crucial in delivering the plans. So do you feel part of them, do they make sense?

If you’d like to take part in the programme, you can either call in live on 03700 100 444 while it is on air between 3.0 and 3.30pm tomorrow (Wednesday 30 November) or pass on your thoughts between now and then, either by emailing the producers at or by Tweeting them @moneybox.