School support staff – the stats behind the stars

Today is about celebrating the Stars in Our Schools – but do you know the stats* behind our school support staff?

896,100 school support staff working in state schools

24,288 state-funded schools (in England) 

7,800,000  children (roughly) are being educated in state funded schools, and helped to learn by school support staff

52% of the school workforce are school support staff

387,600 of them are teaching assistants in England

265,886 are catering and maintenance staff

193,094 are other non-classroom based support staff

£12,081 – the average annual salary of a teaching assistant

£16,778 – the average annual salary of a school secretary

£3,353 – the average annual salary of a  midday worker

Absolutely loads  the different roles school support staff have

They include

  • caretakers,
  • cleaners,
  • school cooks,
  • catering assistants,
  • lunchtime supervisors,
  • admin and finance staff,
  • data managers,
  • examinations staff,
  • school business managers,
  • teaching assistants,
  • cover supervisors,
  • nursery nurses,
  • library assistants,
  • librarians,
  • network managers,
  • ICT technicians,
  • food technicians,
  • science technicians,
  • design and technology technicians,
  • attendance officers,
  • family support advisers,
  • learning mentors,
  • school crossing patrol officers
  • and many more!
*Stats are for England only