Remember, remember, 25 November

Library worker Shazzia Rock reads to a group of children

What do you remember from school?

Of the staff, chances are it’s a teacher, right? But what about the rest of the people that were there?

The teachers weren’t the only ones. While of course they have a vital role, there are so many other professionals that go into a child’s education.

A whole team of people – from IT technicians, caretakers, lunchtime supervisors, receptionists, administrators, teaching assistants and many more – work together to make a great school.

These people have a huge impact on children’s education, but they’re often forgotten. Which is why UNISON organises Stars in Our Schools day, a day to celebrate them. And the day is almost here!

Get ready for November 25

Have you got your plans in place? If not, stop panicking, there’s still time. Here are some of the things you could do…

If you’re a parent, grandparent or carer…

Bake a cake or some star biscuits and take them into school for all the Stars in the school to share.

Help your children or grandchildren to make a thank you card for their favourite Star.

If you work in a school…

Talk to your colleagues about the celebration and speak to your head teacher about how you can mark the day. Check out some ideas on the Stars in Our Schools website.  

Template letters and a press release can be found on the resources page of the Stars website, along with lots of other ideas and downloads.

If you like the internet…

Join the #StarsInOurSchools conversation. See what’s happening on the day and join in the celebration on the UNISON in Schools Facebook page or on Twitter.

If you know someone who works in a school who deserves a treat…

Enter our competition. Nominate a star school support worker in your school and tell us why they are amazing. You could both win a £25 M&S voucher! Just visit the Stars in our Schools website

If you’re a school governor…

Talk to your head teacher about Stars in Our Schools and find out how they’re planning to celebrate the day.

Take time on the day to talk to your school support staff about the great job they do.

Make sure you keep in touch with your plans by emailing Send you photos on the day to or via our Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Twitter: @UNISONinSchools

Facebook: UNISONinSchools


If you’re a UNISON activist…

  • Order the new UNISON in Schools newsletter, stock number 2166
  • Send a letter to your local head teachers about the event
  • Invite your MP to a local Stars event
  • Adapt the press release and send it to your local media
  • Print out the new Stars quiz ready to take into schools

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