Help to keep the meat on our plates safe

As the Food Standards Agency proposes loosening the regulation of meat, UNISON is working with and the family of a food poisoning victim, to fight back

As Christmas is coming and many of us will be eating meat, UNISON is stressing the importance of making sure our meat is safe and hygienic.

We are working with petition website to fight back against plans to let the meat industry regulate itself – and your signature could help that fight.

The Food Standards Authority (FSA) is attempting to loosen regulation in England and Wales by proposing changes to the system to cover different sizes of business.

FSA publicity claims that “many big businesses have robust auditing and sampling regimes in place to ensure the food they provide to consumers is safe”.

But in 2013, it needed Food Standards Authority of Ireland to spot the presence of undeclared and potentially harmful horse meat in beef products.

Unlisted pork was also found in products being sold by big businesses including Tesco, Aldi and Iceland.

The petition itself leads with an appeal from Norah and Steve Nash, whose six-year-old daughter Joanna suffered an horrific death as a result of e coli, contracted from meat at a fast food outlet.

It links directly to UNISON’s Meat Matters campaign explaining the situation.

This petition can make a real difference by helping to put pressure on the FSA while it continues its consultation on the proposed changes.

You can find out more about the issue at a dedicated UNISON micro-site: