UNISON’s referendum campaign reaches new heights

‘Don’t risk our NHS, vote to remain in the EU’ urges giant banner at UNISON Centre

UNISON’s campaign for a vote to remain in the EU on 23 June has reached new heights with the unveiling of a five-storey banner at UNISON Centre on Euston Road in London.

The union decided to make a recommendation in the EU referendum, and back a vote to remain, after a wide-ranging consultation of members showed that this was their preference.

“The EU isn’t perfect,” said general secretary Dave Prentis, “but on balance, and having taken the arguments on both sides into account, we believe that a remain vote will be best for UNISON members and the services they provide.”

The banner at UNISON Centre highlights concerns over the future for public services and particularly the National Health Service, which has become a major campaigning point in the run-up to the referendum.