Housing crisis is ‘a national disaster’, conference hears

Local government delegates hear plea for a housing policy which will help people: ‘build, build, build’

“The housing crisis and the lack of afford able homes is affecting more and more people,” Mark Chiverton of the union’s South East region told local government delegates in Brighton.

The dream of buying a home is beyond most public service workers, and Mr Chiverton told conference that the lack of social housing mean that the reality of renting in the private sector is “soaring rents and eviction as a constant worry”.

And at the same time “the number of homeless households is over 50,000”.

Jane Armitage of the service group executive added that “the housing crisis has reached epic proportions and is a national disaster.”

And the Housing and Planning Bill before MPs “will have further devastating effects”.

East Riding of Yorkshire delegate Bobby Silby said he and his wife were part of “generation rent” with no option but expensive private rental and said the country needs to “build, build, build”.

Conference called for continued opposition to the government’s housing strategy and for the union campaign for a socially progressive housing policy.”