UNISON Scotland mounts day of action against austerity

Members across the country call on Edinburgh parliament to use its powers to protect and fund local services people rely on

UNISON members were out in force on demonstrations and lobbies across Scotland today to campaign against cuts in local services and jobs.

The were responding to a union call for a day of action urging the Scottish and UK governments to use their powers to end austerity.

The union says that local government has taken the brunt of cuts in Scotland.

Of the 50,000 job losses in devolved services, 40,000 have been in local government and UNISON expects 15,000 more jobs to go over the next few years.

UNISON Scotland local government committee chair Mark Ferguson warned that “this means more drastic cuts to services for vulnerable people across Scotland”.

The union is calling on councils to promise that there will be no compulsory redundancies, while urging the Scottish Parliament to use its tax-raising powers and put more money into local services.

The need for council services has not disappeared, says UNISON: remaining staff have to take on extra work and do the best they can to deliver what they can.

The evidence to show that local services are in crisis, adds the union, and further cuts are simply not sustainable.