‘I’m not a victim, I’m a survivor’

UNISON women’s conference applauds survivor’s tale of domestic violence

More than 50% of disabled women in the UK may have experienced domestic abuse in their lives, and statistics show that disabled women may be assaulted or raped at a rate that is at least twice that of non-disabled women, UNISON’s women’s conference heard in Brighton today.

Kris Ross Osborne spoke up about the abuse she had suffered at the age of 17. An abusive relationship meant she became isolated from her friends. Her partner controlled her finances, her clothes and gave up his job to accompany her everywhere.

“By 18 I was isolated from friends and family,” reported Ms Ross Osborne, “I lost my friends, my family, my self confidence”.

The only thing that saved her was her job.

“I joined UNISON, found my voice, and am confident again.”

“I’m not a victim, conference, I’m a survivor.”

Conference condemned the government cuts that are decimating support services for those fleeing domestic violence.