March for the climate, justice and jobs in November

General secretary urges members to march in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast ahead of UN climate change talks

UNISON members should join the marches for climate, justice and jobs throughout the UK at the end of November, general secretary Dave Prentis says in a new blog for Labour’s environment campaign SERA.

The marches will take place in Cardiff and Edinburgh on Saturday 28 November and in London and Belfast on Sunday 29 November.

They will be part of the build-up to the latest round of UN climate change talks, taking place in Paris in December.

Mr Prentis writes in the blog that the talks are “an historic opportunity for 196 countries to sign a new agreement and create a new global milestone in sustainable development and climate change.”

But for that to happen, trade union mobilisation will be key.

“Join the People’s march for Climate, Justice and Jobs in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast,” says Mr Prentis.

“We want to make sure that the UK government is clear about our trade union demands for a just transition:

  • “creating new jobs and skilling a new generation through massive public investment in renewable energy, fuel poverty measures of insulation and green public transport;
  • “moving energy and industries from a fossil fuel dependency to a low carbon energy sustainable economy, while protecting workers’ rights;
  • “providing a fair international climate deal to ensure a safe planet for future generations.

“Paris is just the beginning.”


Marches and rallies

Saturday 28 November

Cardiff – organised by Stop Climate Chaos Cymru

Edinburgh – organised by Stop Climate Chaos Scotland

Sunday 29 November

London – organised by Climate Movement Group and Climate Coalition; Join UNISON in the trade union block

Belfast – The People’s Climate event