UNISON welcomes an end to speculation that free school meals face the axe

Free school meals are a ‘lifeline’ to many families

UNISON has welcomed the pledge from the Prime Minister that free school meals will not be axed.
Commenting on remarks made by David Cameron on Monday, UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said: “With the government promising to slash billions more from public finances later this year, many feared that free school meals – introduced just a year ago under the coalition government – would be one of the first victims of the next round of cuts.
“Free school meals for the youngest children in our primary schools are a lifeline to the many families who are struggling financially, forced to scrimp and save just to make it through each month.
“Recent speculation that the free meals might be scrapped will have caused many cash-strapped parents much anxiety. They will have been worried that the one hot meal their children are guaranteed each day was in danger of being snatched away by heartless ministers.
“But thankfully the government has seen sense, responded to the pressure put on them, and now free school meals will live to see another day.”
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