Education Bill will silence parents, UNISON warns

Bill would remove requirement to consult parents before forcing schools to become academies

The government is rushing legislation through parliament that would greatly increase the power of the Secretary of State for Education to force maintained schools in England that it defines as ‘coasting’, to become academies.

The Education and Adoption Bill (England) would remove the requirements to consult with parents, local communities and staff when maintained schools are forced to become academies.

UNISON believes the move is more about increasing central control rather than improving the education of our children and young people.

We raised concerns about these proposals to the house of commons committee that debated the bill in July. We also sponsored a meeting in parliament along with our sister education unions NUT, ATL and NAHT, to highlight our concerns to MPs. For more information see our briefing document on UNISON’s Skills for Schools website (

We will continue to work with our sister unions and other organisations to ensure that the voice of parents, local communities and staff are not lost.

Briefing document on Education and Adoption Bill