Co-op Bank: important notice for branches

Information about the partnership needs to be removed from all material, including branch and other websites

Branches will be aware that the partnership between the Co-operative Bank and UNISON as part of our UNISONplus membership benefits package ends on 30 September 2015.

There will be a period of six months to facilitate the closure and migration of accounts.

During this time, more information will be posted on the UNISON website and the banner ad on the UNISONplus pages will continue to link to the bank’s designated microsite for more information.

UNISON is required to remove all other Co-op Bank (Britannia) UNISON partnership marketing, any advertising or other promotional material with effect from 30 September 2015.

This means all printed and digital items including the internet/websites, advertisements, editorials, advertorials, press/media releases, promotional or packaging materials.

Branches are therefore requested to ensure that all reference to the Co-op Bank UNISON partnership products is removed from all material and communications and specifically websites, with the exception of signposting to the UNISONPlus web page and the link to the bank’s microsite for information relevant to the partnership termination and any arrangements for individual accounts.

The information available on the UNISON website/microsite link can be published in branch communications but this must not be modified or edited.

Any other material should be destroyed and no longer made available to members.