Higher ed members have three weeks to have their say on pay

Members working in higher education have just over three weeks left to have their say on the employers’ pay offer for this year.

Members are being consulted through branches in a process which ends on 26 June, and UNISON national secretary Jon Richards says: “With only three weeks to go before the end of the consultation we are calling on branches make sure the voices of all members are heard … and on all members to make sure they have their say through the branch consultation.”

The offer is for a 1% pay increase from 1 August 2015 for higher education staff on pay point 9 and above of the national pay spine.

Increases for staff on the lowest points – 1 to 8 – would be between 2.65% and 1.2%, making the lowest point equivalent to the current living wage.

Details of the pay offer

UNISON’s higher education service group executive met yesterday and agreed to consult members across the UK, agreeing that the offer is “the best that can be achieved by negotiation and that any improvement will only be secured by sustained strike action”.

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