Co-op Party wins continued support from Co-op Group

The future of the Co-operative Group’s membership of the Co-operative Party has been secured after a vote at the group’s AGM in Manchester at the weekend.

Motion 10, which asked members to approve the group continuing to make subscriptions to the Co-operative Party, passed by 55%.

Co-op Group chair Allan Leighton confirmed that although the vote was ‘advisory’, the board had received the message from members and will continue working with the Co-operative Party.

Motion 9a – on whether the society should make any donations to political parties received 37% of votes in support whereas motion 9b, on whether to only make donations to the Co-op Party received 48% and motion 9c, which asked whether to make donations to a range of political parties received just 24%.

Co-operative Party General secretary Karin Christiansen said: “It was a brilliant outcome for the Co-operative Party.

“Considering the poor phrasing of Motion 9 and the failure of the Co-op Group to send even basic information to voters about the Co-op Party, this is a massively positive result.

“If this had been an informed and engaged process it is very likely that this support for involvement in politics and the Co-operative Party would have been even higher.

“Thank you to everyone who helped ensure this result.”


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