NHS pay: the campaign continues

Thanks to all health branches and members  in England who took part in last Monday’s four-hour strike and the action short of a stirke for the rest of last week.

As with the first week of action, UNISON got plenty of high profile media coverage both regionally and nationally while our members helped keep the public on our side by working under exemptions to provide emergency life and limb cover.

The health service group executive will meet in mid December to review the action so far and, based on any developments in negotiations to settle the dispute, set more potential dates for action in January and February.

But we will be keeping up the campaign pressure in December

We are asking branches to continue to campaign for fair pay and we will be sending out some ideas to branches in the next few weeks to help inspire you.

If you have any creative campaigning ideas which you would like to share with us, please email the health service group at h.group@unison.co.uk.

Branches should also keep an eye out for regional campaigning activities in December.