UNISON welcomes Dorset decision on pathology services

UNISON South West has welcomed Dorset County Hospital trust board’s decision to keep pathology services in-house.

The union said it was the right decision for Dorset and the NHS, and described it was a ringing endorsement for pathology staff, who would be overjoyed by this decision – as would the public of Dorset who they serve.

Regional organiser Jon Dunn said: “Credit to the board who listened and made the right and courageous decision, especially given the criticism and the media spotlight.

“UNISON recognised the challenge ahead with the tough funding settlement the government has given to the NHS.”

Mr Dunn noted that the union “is ready to work in partnership to ensure the pathology service can provide the quality provision that the people of Dorset deserve.”

UNISON South West regional head of health Helen Eccles added: “Outsourcing to a privately run regional centre had been a huge of concern.

“We encourage all NHS trusts to follow Dorset County Hospital’s fine example and look to develop current pathology services in-house or seek NHS partnerships as an alternative.”

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