UNISON health workers disappointed by health minister’s statement on pay

UNISON members in health and social care will today be profoundly disappointed by the minister’s statement on pay.

He speaks of the need to exercise pay restraint given his current financial pressures in the health budget.

The independent pay review body recommendation of just 1% is clearly an example of pay restraint.

The increment in pay in fact reflects the service required to achieve the agreed rate for pay bands across the service.

The truth of the matter is workers have been waiting over a number of years to get that agreed pay rate. This is completely unacceptable that these workers will be denied this pay uplift.

The minister seems intent on following the disastrous decisions of Westminster and the NHS in England which has led to a rolling campaign of industrial action in England and wales.

It is now inevitable that health workers in Northern Ireland will be joining them over the coming months in a united demand to secure a realistic pay strategy for the next few years.

In addition, UNISON will be heavily involved in making challenges to the many controversial decisions on cuts to services and increased privatisation.