Latest on LGA proposals

The NJC joint secretaries met on Thursday 2 October following UNISON’s earlier rejection of the pay proposals.

UNISON pushed hard for the Local Government Association (LGA) to recognise the importance of an improved offer for our members, and the response was fairly positive, though no further proposals were tabled.

The joint secretaries’ meeting was followed by a separate meeting between the employers’ side, the LGA regional directors and senior elected members.

UNISON understands that our call for improved proposals was not rejected and that further discussions are now taking place between LGA political group leaders.

We are awaiting the outcome of those discussions and will obviously let members know as soon as there any developments – positive or otherwise. But at the moment, the loal government and school workers strike is still going ahead on 14 October.

LGA urged to reconsider pay proposals

Key issue: local government pay