New hospital food rules don’t go far enough says UNISON

Commenting on the new rules which fail to set minimum standards for food in the NHS, Christina McAnea, UNISON head of health, said: 

“The Government’s initiative doesn’t go far enough. There are minimum standards for food in schools and prisons, so why not in the NHS? Healthy, appetising food is vital to a speedy recovery and long-lasting health.  

“Hospitals should move away from Cook/Chill food production, and towards cooking food on site, using locally sourced food. 

“Outsourcing of catering services has had a detrimental impact on the quality of food served in hospitals, which is why so many people rely on vending machines and fast food outlets in hospital foyers.

“Hospital catering staff are working hard to produce quality food against the backdrop of budget cuts and privatisation. They also need enough time to ensure that patients are not only getting the right food, but have the help and time they need to be able to eat it.”