NHS members protest against continuing pay freeze

UNISON members at St Thomas’ Hospital in London join in NHS Protest Day


UNISON members and colleagues from across the NHS were out in force on NHS Protest Day today to make their message loud and clear – they deserve a proper pay rise.

Up and down the country, almost from first light, activists were busy, making sure that the message got out.

Ritchie was one of the very first to report, tweeting a picture of the UNISON stall outside St Mary’s Hospital on the Isle of Wight – ready for visitors at 7am on a gloriously sunny morning.

South West Yorkshire Partnership health branch also created a stall, where they encouraged people to sign the petition for fair pay in the NHS.

In London, members from the Guy’s and St Thomas’ branch joined colleagues from RCN to make their voices heard in the shadow of Westminster, while members at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital made the case with a stall loaded with UNISON materials.

And in Birmingham, UNISON and RCN colleagues also came together to mount a protest outside the City Hospital.

In the North East, Gateshead Health activists used a stall outside Quenellies, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s main restaurant to make the case.

In Eastern region, North West Anglia health branch created a pop-up stand, with purple and green balloons and plenty of information about UNISON – including why people should join.

At the Royal Devon and Exeter, activists set up a stall near the canteen to make sure they got their message out as widely as possible – and encouraged colleagues to have their photographs taken as part of the union’s Worth It pay campaign.

Meanwhile, in Liverpool, the breadth of feeling and support was clear, as members of Managers in Partnership joined UNISON and other union colleagues in a protest outside the NHS Confederation conference.

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