UNISON members take strike action at Grwp Gwalia

UNISON members will start 24 hours of strike action from 7pm tonight as a part of the campaign to maintain staff terms and conditions after they have come under attack from the employer.

The changes to terms and conditions include a significant cut in pay, a change to the roles being undertaken, and an expectation that staff will be available to work at any workplace in the area at anytime.

“Taking strike action is always a last resort and is never a decision that is taken lightly,” said UNISON regional organiser Lynne Hackett today.

“So, the overwhelming call for strike action from our members serves to show how dire the situation at Gwalia is.

“We have consistently tried to engage with Gwalia on this matter in order to reach an agreement, but they are not prepared to have reasonable discussions with us.

“Gwalia is claiming that members of the workforce have happily signed up to the new terms and conditions, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

“In fact, people are signing up because they feel too intimidated not to. We’ve heard from many of our members fearful about the repercussions of not signing up to the changes.

“Gwalia workers, many of whom are low-paid women, have a right to fight to protect their terms and conditions, and UNISON will support step of the way.

“Gwalia’s plan is completely illogical, especially when you think of the current crisis within the care sector. There seem to be endless stories surfacing about bad practice within care homes, but if workers aren’t treated and paid fairly then the quality of care being provided will inevitably suffer.

“Many members of staff will leave to find alternative employment, and as with any low paid and undervalued role, people who do not necessarily want to work within care will be forced to take up these roles to make ends meet.

“Gwalia’s plans present a toxic future for the quality of services that they claim they want to deliver. Gwalia urgently need to rethink their approach and I hope that this strike will illustrate that they must go back to the drawing board.”

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