UNISON stages protest before Grwp Gwalia strike

UNISON staged a further demonstration outside Gwalia headquarters in Swansea today, as it urged the employer to come back to the table and re-enter meaningful discussions about the pay, terms and conditions of their workforce.

The demonstration followed an overwhelming ‘yes’ vote to take strike action after the imposition of pay cuts on the Gwalia care and support workforce.

The first day of UNISON strike action is due to take place on Tuesday 6 May, following an 80% vote in favour of taking industrial action.

UNISON regional organiser for the community and voluntary sector in Wales Lynne Hackett said: “Our members are outraged at the new terms and conditions they are being expected to work under. 

“Gwalia have proceeded to enforce these cuts on our members despite their original claims when they took over the service that terms and conditions would stay the same.

“As a result, our members have told us in no uncertain terms that they are not prepared to accept the pay cuts that have since been imposed on them.

“We are planning our strike for next week, but in the meantime the door is open for proposals from Gwalia.

“Sadly, however, at this stage we have no confidence that the employer will re-enter meaningful discussions with us.”

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