Three days left to have your say on pay

The NJC pay consultation has just three days to go – if your members haven’t yet had their say, make sure you don’t leave it too late and lose out.

The ballot closes noon on Thursday 17 April, so branches need to mobilise activists and members now.

It’s vital that we get as big a turnout as possible for this critical ballot on pay.

The union’s NJC committee is recommending rejection of the employer’s offer and is clear that only strike action by local government and school support staff can achieve an improved one.

UNISON regions will feed the results of branch ballots back to the local government service group, and the NJC committee will consider the responses when it meets on 24 April.

The committee will consider whether there is enough support to move to an official industrial action ballot of members, starting in May, so it’s crucial that we have a good response to the current informal consultation so that the eventual decision fully reflects the members’ views.

UNISON will keep members up to date on the decision and what happens after it, but in the meantime, branches should start preparing for an industrial action ballot and step up recruitment.

It is also vital to carry on campaigning among MPs and local councillors to let them know what the meagre offer means for our members and to remind them that NJC pay will be an election issue.

The number of signatures to our ‘We need a decent pay rise’ petition keeps rising. If you still have signed paper copies from your 1 April protest day, please send them to the service group at UNISON Centre.

The petition is still open. We want to get a huge number of members, their families and friends to sign before we present signatures to David Cameron at 10 Downing Street.

Send the link below to as many members as possible, and share it on Facebook and Twitter.

We need a decent pay rise petition

UNISON in local government

Key issue: local government pay

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