Recruitment: 7 things to do this week

UNISON hits the airwaves again from Thursday this week with an updated version of our TV advert aimed at recruiting new members to the union.

The TV ad marks the latest recruitment blitz when every part of the union will work together to Make May Matter!

Every region has a written recruitment plan with activity planned throughout the four week on-the-ground recruitment push which runs from 28 April to 23 May.

Branches will be running stalls in workplaces, walking the wards of hospitals and making sure they get out and about talking to people about fair pay and the need to be part of a union.

Staff from the UNISON centre will be phoning every branch this week to find out what’s planned, and to help make sure you’ve got everything you need to recruit.

And staff at the centre will also be volunteering to go out into regions and work directly with organising staff to support local activity.

TV advertising starts this week with the update to the current advert. At the same time, we’re putting final touches to a brand new advert that will launch later this month. Newspaper ads will run in editions of the Metro nationwide from 7 May till mid June.

And here are seven things you can do to get your branch ready.

  1. If you’re talking to members about pay, plan open meetings too to attract potential members.
  2. Make sure you have activities planned – whether it’s a stall in the canteen or a walkabout.
  3. Check stocks of recruitment publicity materials and order more if you need them – visit the online catalogue.
  4. Create your own branch materials using our online print service.
  5. Order any promotional items – there’s a range of new items using the Essential Cover slogan and design:
  6. Email us to tell us what you’ve got planned and we’ll share your stories:
  7. Tell us what you’re up to. Tweet your pics and plans using the hashtags #joinUNISON #makeMaymatter