If we organise we can win

“I work hard, but this government has made me skint,” declared Pete Smith from the North West this afternoon as UNISON’s health conference followed its decisions for a pay campaign including industrial action by debating and agreeing a series of motions on organising for pay.

“I am a band 2 worker, paid on the 26th of each month,” he noted. “By the 28th, after paying bills and paying for food I have no money left.”

In particular, conference called on regions and branches to set up campaign committees and organise members, and improve their confidence.

“If we organise, we can win,” said Mr Smith. “Conference: we must win.”

Conference also vowed to defend Agenda for Change as a national framework and national system of pay and conditions.

It also pledged to resist pay cuts through the “downbanding” of jobs and roles, with practical advice for branches facing the threat.

As service group executive speaker George Barron noted: “Downbanding is not done for the needs of the service, it’s done for financial reasons.”

And delegates agreed to organise and campaign against the use of zero hours contracts in the health service.

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