Scottish police staff consulted on industrial action

Scottish police staff will be asked to vote for potential industrial industrial action in a UNISON ballot later this month, after the union wrote to members on Friday, telling them that ” that trust between Police Scotland and the all staff trade unions has broken down”.

UNISON Scotland says it has been trying to discuss three main areas of concern with the country’s police for more than a year.

  • The planned closure of four of Scotland’s contact, command and control centres, which handle 999 calls. The first of these, Dumfries and Galloway, is due to close at the end of May, at a cost of 34 jobs.
  • Cuts in redundancy terms, which will be introduced from 1 April.
  • Restrictions on annual leave for 1,700 police staff across the country this summer because of the Commonwealth games.

“Our members across Scotland are telling us loud and clear that enough is enough,” said UNISON branch secrtary George McIrvine. “Staff are stressed, over worked and under pressure.

“We will ballot them to gauge their strength of feeling on potential strike action. The employer has given us no choice.”

Union regional officer Gerry Crawley added: “Police staff are a hard working, loyal, and experienced. They take pride in keeping communities safe.

“But this whole episode has made them worried, frightened and angry. The uncertainty of what’s next is demoralising.”

UNISON Scotland

Press release: UNISON Scotland ballots for potential strike action as industrial relations break down with Police Scotland

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