Inflation Figures – UNISON reaction

Commenting on today’s inflation figures showing RPI at 2.7% and CPI at 1.7%, UNISON General Secretary, Dave Prentis, said:
“Today’s inflation figures will not repair the holes in the pockets of millions of public service workers.
“Hundreds and thousands of health workers, including nurses, paramedics and therapists, will not get a pay rise this year, with the remainder getting just 1% – below both of today’s inflation markers. And only last week, more than a million Local Government workers were offered a 1% increase for the second year running – on top of a three year pay freeze.
“The Government must move away from beer and bingo budget gimmicks and do more to close the gap between what people are earning and the cost of everyday essentials. This gap is not closing fast enough for families struggling on low incomes.”