Fair Pay Fortnight kicks off

Fair Pay Fortnight kicks off today, providing the opportunity to reiterate the case for a fairer wage settlement in the UK.

There will be lots of branch activity going on during the fortnight, helped by a general political fund spot bidding process that will enable branches to fund Worth It events and communications.

Branches from across the country have come up with fantastic, innovative ways of getting the Worth It message across during Fair Pay Fortnight.

The events that have been planned include:

  • a debt advice surgery with dedicated financial advisers;
  • handing out literature and relabelled baked bean cans with the Worth It logo;
  • a training event for UNISON activists on pay justice and anti-austerity;
  • an advert in a local newspaper carrying the Worth It message;
  • personalised postcards to members highlighting the Worth It campaign.

UNISON’s Worth It campaign is also teaming up with Fair Pay Fortnight to publish a series of blogs on pay over the coming fortnight.  

The first has already been published with Dave Prentis writing about the ‘pay pressure cooker’ on Labour List.

Events are happening across all regions to encourage policy makers to see the bigger picture on pay in the UK.

Today, UNISON is launching the Worth It campaign in Wales with a press statement and local media pack.

Also in Wales, on 1 April, all branches in all service groups are encouraged to engage in some form of action.

In Greater London, UNISON is asking all branches to mobilise their members to wear stickers and lanyards on 1 April to make a point to their employers and to the public.

In Scotland, UNISON will publish a Worth It pamphlet on pay and cost of living in the country, illustrated with stories collected at organising events in recent weeks.

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