Stand up to racism and fascism

UNISON members can stand up to racism and fascism in London on 22 March as part of the European-wde day of action against racism and fascism coinciding with with the UN Anti-Racism Day.

The London rally will assemble in London’s Parliament Square at 11am and march to Trafalgar Square for a rally, which is due to finish by 4.30pm.

UNISON will have a significant presence at the rally and is encouraging branches to take part, stand up to racism and say no to scapegoating of immigrants, no to Islamophobia and yes to diversity.

With European elections taking place in May, parties in manycountries are allowing politics and the media to be dominated by racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and scapegoating of minorities.

The UN Anti-Racism Day marks the anniversary of the Sharpeville massacre in South Africa, when police shot and killed 69 people attending a peaceful demonstration against the apartheid pass laws.

Branches can order free materials such as tabards and placards for use at the rally by using UNISON’s online catalogue, while information and publicity posters and leaflets can be ordered from the TUC or by contacting

UNISON event: Stand up to racism and fascism rally

UNISON online catalogue

TUC: stand against racism and fascism (external link, opens in new window)